Tech consulting is a service provided by experienced experts in a particular field of engineering or app development to solve custom business problems with innovative technologies.

Technology consultants can speed up the product design, development, and launch on the market. They can help to validate the business idea, define the effective proof of concepts and allow business owners to think more broadly about the options to improve the whole ecosystem workflows – from reducing the development and maintenance costs to streamlining the effectiveness of IT processes.

A tech consulting firm can advise businesses on how to best utilize the technology to reach their goals including the following consulting services:

  • Research, Brainstorming, And Data Analysis,
  • Business Strategy Optimization,

There are specific benefits of utilizing tech consulting services for businesses:

  • Tech Consultants Can Help To Optimize Costs On Product Development, Infrastructure Maintenance, And IT System Operating.
  • Technical Consulting Firms Advice On How To Get Rid Of Small Mistakes, Improve User Experience And Enlarge Conversion Rates.
  • Leveraging Consulting Services Gives The Business A Competitive Advantage By Implementing Technologies That Have Yet To Be

The top technology consultancy firms charge a fixed price per project. The average tech consulting cost may vary from ETB500,000 to ETB1,250,000.

As for the individual tech consultants and smaller tech consulting firms, their hourly rate depends on a number of factors including geography: